Terms and conditions

Terms of Registration – to be read and signed on first visit

I, the undersigned, take full responsibility for the wheelchair/scooter whilst it is in my care and in particular undertake that:

  1. The wheelchair/scooter will not be taken away from the High Wycombe town centre
  2. The wheelchair/scooter will only be used by myself, unless High Wycombe Shopmobility has authorised and insured a named person (for delivery purposes only)
  3. The wheelchair/scooter will be used with due care and attention and returned in good condition
  4. Unless previously agreed with High Wycombe Shopmobility , Monday to Saturday, the electric wheelchair/scooter will be returned by 1pm for the end of the morning session, or 4:30pm for the end of the afternoon session and manual wheelchairs by 4:30pm. On Sundays the wheelchair/scooter will be returned by 3:45pm.
  5. I will not use the wheelchair/scooter on an Escalator or a “travelator” (e.g. the steep moving walkway as in Tesco/Sainsbury’s)

I acknowledge that High Wycombe Shopmobility is a charity (Reg. No. 1040164) and that any payment is made as a voluntary donation.