Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for daily hire of our equipment or to sign up – as a small charity we rely on your support and donations to help keep our service running. Overnight and long-term hire of our manual wheelchairs is offered at a charge of £3 per night or £20 per week (£5 per night/£35 per week from 1st December 2023) with a £20 refundable deposit – cash, cheque or card payments accepted.

What are the dos and don’ts of using the equipment

 Do enjoy your time when out
 Do keep to walking speed especially when manoeuvring
Do stay within the specified boundary
Do use it for the agreed booking times and return it before the end of the session
Do have an annual insurance assessment

Don’t let children or pets ride on the scooters (ex. Assistance dogs)
Don’t take scooters on Escalators or travelators
Don’t drink or use mobile phones whilst using our equipment

Where can I park?

There are 3 spaces for blue badge holders on Desborough Road directly outside the shop. You will also need a permit from us to park there. These spaces are available on a “first come first served” basis and can’t be reserved. There is also disabled parking on Desborough Road. You can park in the Eden Car Park and we have some designated Shopmobility parking spaces on the 2nd floor on the purple zone, please ask for a parking permit from us to use these spaces if you have not got a blue badge.

Where’s the nearest toilet?

We have a disabled toilet within Shopmobility, there are disabled toilets and adult changing facilities in the Eden Shopping Centre and they are located by the Customer Service desk. We have RADAR disabled toilet keys for sale for £3.50 in our office.

What are the usual opening hours?

Our opening hours can be found here. We ask you to return scooters or wheelchairs by 4.30pm Monday -Saturday or 3.45pm on Sunday.

What equipment can I use with limited eyesight?

An assessment will be carried out to see if it is safe for you to operate a motorised vehicle, if you are unable to have a motorised vehicle you would be able to use a manual wheelchair. Please discuss when you book with us.

Do you sell equipment?

We occasionally have donated scooters, rollators, walking frames and crutches for sale, so it is always worth asking if we have anything suitable for your needs.

Can I drive on the road?

Our vehicles cannot be used on the public highway.

Can I take a scooter to a hospital appointment?

Yes, 4 wheel scooters may be taken to the hospital.

Can I bring my dog?

Assistance dogs may walk with you and depending on their size they may be able to travel on the vehicle, please discuss when booking with us.

Can my child sit on my lap?

Children must not be carried on the vehicles, vehicles should only be used by the member registered with Shopmobility.

How do I get the scooter upstairs in the shops?

Most scooters will fit in the lifts in the shops, this will depend on the size of the scooter you are using. Some stores may have to take you to a non public lift to access their upper floors. None of our equipment must be taken on escalators or travelators.

Can I take scooters to The Rye

Scooters can go as far as the Boathouse cafe area on the Rye, please don’t take them any further or onto the grass.