About us

What is High Wycombe Shopmobility?

High Wycombe Shopmobility is a local charity that offers the free daily hire of scooters or wheelchairs to enable people with limited mobility to get around High Wycombe town centre.

Whether you have a temporary or permanent mobility issue you can use our scooters, wheelchairs or power chairs to go to the shops, meet friends for coffee, visit the library, or make trips to the opticians or hospital.

We are an independent charity and are a member of the National Federation of Shopmobility UK where you can also find details of other Shopmobility’s around the country.

We are open 7 days a week and we have a range of equipment to suit a variety of heights and weights. Our vehicles can be taken into the shops or parked outside(the key must be removed) and they can be used in most lifts to reach the upper floors. See our opening hours

Our equipment should always be used responsibly see FAQs –Do’s and Don’ts

We offer short term hire of our travel scooters for a small charge of £10 per day for a maximum of 14 days, more information can be found here.

We offer overnight or short term hire of our manual wheelchairs for a small charge of £3 per night or £20 per week (£5 per night/£35 per week from 1st December 2023), more information can be found here.

We are run and managed by a friendly, dedicated team of staff, volunteers and a board of Trustees.

We are proud to provide a free service to allow anyone with a mobility need to access High Wycombe town centre. We appreciate any support or donations made – every penny helps keep our service free to our customers.

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Our Team

Our team is made up of a combination of part-time employees, volunteers and trustees, who are committed to offering the best service possible to our customers.

Part-time staff


We are supported by a team of wonderful volunteers who help our customers with their equipment. Please let us know if you would be interested in joining our volunteer team


Chair – Simon Dormer, Treasurer – Sarah Fismistr, Secretary – Peter Stockwell, Jennie Le Fevre, Jane White, Kathy Dix, David Griffin, Roger Hagon, Alan Switalski, Claire McMackin